Announcement due to COVID-19 restrictions

At present the Celebrating Age Centre is closed and no activities or groups are running. Should you need any information or support during this time, please email

Emergency services numbers are:

  • Hamilton City Council – 07 838 6699
  • Police/Fire/Ambulance – 111
  • Mental Health Services - Health line on 0800 611 116 for advice
  • Covid-19 Health line - 0800 358 5453

About AVS Visiting Service: 

  • Age Concern will continue to run the visiting service, however, they are now conducted over the telephone instead of face to face. 

About Shopping Service:

  • Age Concern will continue to provide the shopping service to those that have no alternative way of receiving groceries. Despite our volunteers in lockdown, the team will endeavour to keep the service going by collecting a shopping list and cash and shop on your behalf. However, if you have any symptoms or are unwell, we will not be able to assist. A nominated person with official ID will be contacting the client.

About Age Concern Hamilton

Age Concern Hamilton is part of the Age Concern New Zealand network of 34 councils throughout New Zealand.  Age Concern Hamilton was established in Hamilton in 1982 under the name of the Waikato Older People's Welfare Council.

It became an incorporated society in 1986 with the name Hamilton Age Concern Council Inc and in 1996 was renamed as Age Concern Hamilton Inc (HN/325269).

Age Concern Hamilton Inc became a registered charity on 12 March 2008 (Regn # CC21730) under the Charities Act 2006.

Age Concern is a community based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing quality of life for older people.  Each council offers a variety of services and information to help meet the needs of older people, families and communities in their area.

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