Age Concern New Zealand Media Release 04.11.14 
Age Concern supports Consumer NZ’s ‘Do Not Knock’ campaign and encourages anyone who does not wish to be approached by door-to-door sellers to get a Do Not Knock sticker.

Age Concern New Zealand Chief Executive Robyn Scott says Age Concern often receives phone calls from older people who have been pressured into making a purchase by door-to-door sales people.

“It is a huge concern that older people are being targeted, particularly vulnerable older people who may have dementia, hard of hearing or are otherwise unable to recognise that they are being taken for a ‘ride’” says Mrs Scott.

Older people can feel pressured by smooth talking sellers into purchasing items they don’t want and can’t afford, leaving them out of pocket, which Mrs Scott says is a problem particularly for older people who are living on NZ Superannuation alone.

“Often the sellers are charming and friendly and for lonely older people who receive few visitors this can be very attractive. However, once an older person has engaged in conversation with the seller they can be very persistent and often do not leave until the older person has signed up or paid.”

Age Concern advises older people to place a Do Not Knock sticker on their gate, letterbox or front door if they do not wish to be approached by door-to-door sales people.
Greta Parker, Communications Officer Age Concern New Zealand (04) 801 9338