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Kia ora and welcome to this edition of The Old Times. Whilst the rest of the world looks on in amazement at our achievements in eliminating Covid-19, and we as a nation unite and celebrate New Zealand's successes, let us not forget the sacrifices that have been made; the families who've lost loved ones, those struggling to remain in business or in jobs, and those left anxious about re-engaging with life outside of their bubbles. We are in a time, now more than ever, where supporting each other, our communities and our local businesses is key to rebuilding ourselves and the country. Be kind, be compassionate and be generous as we re-emerge into a 'new norm'.

Best wishes

Lucy Willard
Membership and Events Coordinator

Reconnection Central
Age Concern Hamilton invites you to join the team every weekday between 10am and noon during the entire month of June, to reconnect over a complimentary cuppa and muffin. Bring a friend to these free events, and find out more about what we do at Age Concern, and a different guest spot every day.
Our programme:

Thursday June 11
Look after your eyes - A presentation from Rose Optometrist Optician

Friday June 12
Food, Glorious Food - The perfect pantry with our resident nutrition educator Margrit

Monday June 15
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - Meet the elder abuse team and Community Law Waikato elder abuse specialist staff

Tuesday June 16
Staying safe - A refresher course for senior drivers

Wednesday June 17
Retirement Living - Meet the teams from Hilda Ross and Linda Jones Retirement Villages, plus Age Concern staff to discuss options for retirement and rest home living

Thursday June 18
Thai food Thursday - Meet the team and enjoy Thai food from Thai Basil restaurant

Friday June 19
Laughter yoga - Join Sanjay for this popular, enjoyable and healthy activity

Monday June 22
Music Monday - Join Age Concern with the piano. You are welcome to sing along with some old favourites

Tuesday June 23
Life Unlimited - Meet the outstanding people and helpful adjuncts from Life Unlimited and The Mobility Centre to experience what they can provide

Wednesday June 24
Steady as you go - Sample a strength and balance programme for older people

Thursday June 25
Waikato Theatre update - Kelvyn Eglington of Momentum Waikato will host an update on the progressive Waikato Theatre project.

More activities to be announced for the remainder of June

Elder Abuse Hits Close to Home

Age Concern New Zealand is raising awareness of elder abuse during Elder Abuse Awareness Week from 15-22 June 2020 which begins on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15 June 2020.

FACT: 81% of alleged abusers are family members.
"We need to face the facts that much of the abuse we see at Age Concerns across New Zealand is at the hands of people we should be able to trust and ask for help from," says Age Concern New Zealand Chief Executive, Stephanie Clare.

FACT: 57% of the alleged abusers are adult children or grandchildren
"It is a myth to think that elder abuse is not family violence - it is! And like any family violence, we all need to step up and call it out and report it when we see or suspect it," says Clare.

read the full media release

Update from BUSIT - Waikato Regional Council  

These changes and a new timetable will be implemented on Monday the 8th of June.  The Orbiter and Comet buses will remain on their same timetable. Buses will return to a full schedule from Monday the 8th of June. Changes to the 29 Gardens route will join the 17 Hamilton East Uni bus to become the 17 Hamilton Gardens Uni. These are outlined as follows:

Timetable changes Weekdays
There are five new trips in the middle of the day from town (between 9.32am and 1.32pm) that travel to the Hamilton Gardens before continuing onto the university. Times on the university only trips at peak times have changed slightly.

Weekends and public holidays
The bus will now run on weekends and public holidays – but only between town, Hamilton East and Hamilton Gardens, and the cemetery (for two out of the eight trips). It will not travel on to the university. The service starts at 9.35am from town, and runs hourly throughout the day, with the last service leaving the Hamilton Gardens at 4.51pm. This is around two hours later than the current timetable, with two extra trips added so people have extra time to enjoy the Gardens.
Route changes
We’re combining the 17 Hamilton East Uni and 29 Hamilton Gardens bus routes to provide a better overall service to the Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton East and university areas. The route name will change to 17 Hamilton Gardens Uni.

Combining these two bus routes means the bus will use the current 17 Hamilton East Uni route, with an extension to the Hamilton Gardens in the middle of the day (between 9.48am and 2.15pm).

Buses will travel to and from town to the Hamilton Gardens only – the bus will not carry on to the university. On weekends and public holidays the bus will also travel out to the Hamilton Park Cemetery in Newstead. It will no longer travel to the cemetery on Wednesdays.

Signs of a Scam 

Here are a few telltale signs that an email, phone call or text may be a scam:

  • The email, phone call or text may be threatening.
  • The scammer might demand money. They might want to be paid in unusual ways such as gift cards (for example, iTunes cards), bitcoins or money transfer systems.
  • The scammer may pressure you to make a decision or do something quickly.
  • They might ask for passwords to your online accounts. Legitimate organisations will never ask for passwords.
  • A scammer may ask for your bank account details. We'll never ask you to email or text us this information – we'll always ask you to supply this through myIR.
  • Scammers often give website or email addresses that are wrong but look almost right. For example, they might send you to, or, instead of the correct
  • The email or text might be badly worded or formatted.

If you get an email that you think might be a scam, use your mouse to hover over a link without clicking. This will let you see if the website address they are sending you to is accurate and relevant to the email you received.

What we will not say

We do not use terms like:

  • dear citizen
  • fiscal activity
  • NZD (after the dollar figure)
  • excess payment
  • our department or Department of Taxes
  • NZ Govt Tax Refund
  • IRD Customer Portal or IRD Revenue portal.

If you get an email, phone call or text claiming that you will be fined or arrested if you do not respond, it is likely a scam. Read more

Age Concern Taumarunui Need Help

Davo's Spiral Tours
Experience the beauty of the Raurimu Spiral by rail!
Bookings Essential.
All Profits to Charity

INAUGURAL TRIP:  Wednesday 22nd July 2020

$95 per person

Every Wednesday for 6 weeks.  Leave Taumarunui at 12:15pm by bus.  Board train at National Park, returning to Taumarunui at 2:00pm.
Bookings:  021 250 5387 or


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