Hats off to our volunteers!

Kia ora and welcome to this edition of The Old Times. National Volunteer Week is upon us, and it’s time to thank and acknowledge the outstanding contributions our volunteers make to our organisation and older clients. National Volunteer Week, 22nd June to 26th June honours the collective energies and mana of all volunteers in Aotearoa. They grow our people, open minds, open hearts and create joy! This year’s theme is ‘Te Hua o te Mahi Tahi I, The benefit of working together’, something we at Age Concern value and appreciate.  The team doff their hats in acknowledgement of your efforts; thank you!

Best wishes

Lucy Willard
Membership and Events Coordinator

Reconnection Central
Age Concern Hamilton invites you to join the team every weekday between 10am and noon during the entire month of June, to reconnect over a complimentary cuppa and muffin. Bring a friend to these free events, and find out more about what we do at Age Concern, and a different guest spot every day.
Our programme:

Thursday June 25
Waikato Theatre update - Kelvyn Eglington of Momentum Waikato will host an update on the progressive Waikato Theatre project.

Friday June 26

Life Without a Car - a workshop for thriving without driving

Reconnection Central will resume on Friday 3rd July.  Join us at 10am every Friday; enjoy a guest speaker, mixing, mingling and a cuppa

Friday July 3
Learn how to cook a traditional and very tasty Indian vegetarian curry with Shanti Ralm

Driver refresher course 'without leaving your own home'
Join Brent Nielsen next Tuesday 30th June, from 1030 to 1230 as he hosts a 2 hour driving refresher course via the internet. If you are interested, please email to register or to ask any questions you might have.

All you need is internet access on your computer and a microphone connected. It’s as easy as two clicks, and you will be part of a small group participating in this home delivered training.
Let’s get serious about what older people can contribute

It's easy to overlook the contributions of older people given the way our economy is structured. If we can identify these contributions, we’ll be less likely to respond to the next crisis by telling them to get out of the way.

Shocks to the system don’t wait patiently in line giving us time to respond to each in turn.

The Covid-19 pandemic occurs as we confront rapid technological change brought by digital technologies. The pandemic presents an opportunity to rethink how we value what we do for each other. We need fresh ideas about what we view as work and how we reward it.

The Covid-19 message to older people has so far been – stay home so the rest of us can get busy fixing the economy.

If it weren’t for the old and sick, Queenstown and Rotorua could promptly reopen for business. Occasionally tourists would bring Covid-19. Some Kiwis will get the virus but most will have comparatively mild symptoms and be available to take tourists jet boating and geyser spotting. We can hope outbreaks of coronavirus get progressively milder as some of us acquire immunity. Read more

Now that more businesses are open again, you might want to visit the SuperGold website or app to see what offers are available near you:

Thousands of businesses across New Zealand are offering all kinds of SuperGold offers, including food and beverage, electronics and appliances, home improvements, automotive and health so you can stretch your dollar further. Now, more than ever, local businesses need our support. You can check out offers by category and location, or use the search function to find the best deal on a product or service.

If you haven’t already, you can download the SuperGold App and check offers when you are out and about. If you have a smartphone or tablet, download the SuperGold App (SuperGoldNZ) from Google Play (Android users) or the App Store (Apple users). It’s super easy, but if you’re new to apps you’ll find instructions on

If you need help with the app try asking someone close to you who is good with technology or give the SuperGold team a call on 0800 25 45 65. They are available Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm.

For more information go to

Are you 70 or over?  If so, we want to make sure your views on Covid-19 are heard. A research team from The University of Auckland want to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected people aged 70 and over.

They want to use what they learn from you to inform government, non-government organisation (NGO) and community public health responses. They also want to build a website and archive older New Zealanders letters and photographs about the pandemic.

How do you get involved?
Write a letter about what it has been like for you to be in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. With your letter, you may also include up to 3 photographs, videos and/or audio files. Find out more on the 
Letter writing participant information sheet or check out more information on the Read more

Another update on the Accessibility Concession.

The 2000+ Accessibility Concession cards are all ready to go and have been mailed out; they should be arriving in our users’ mail in the next couple of weeks.  

Thanks to help from Nicola at Community Living and our two awesome volunteers Ellen and Matty, we have put together a video with more information on the Accessibility Concession Bee Card and how to use it. Here is the link and feel free to share it around!
We will also have more information on our Busit website, and are available on our 0800 205 305 number for any Bee Card and Accessibility Concession queries.



RECIPE: Lemon Honey
With the abundance of lemons available to us, why not enjoy some lemon honey/curd or spread on your toast, scones or in your pastries - Recipe
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