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Kia ora and welcome to this edition of The Old Times. We're officially on the road to spring which is great news. The nights are drawing out and to be honest, I cannot believe how many daffodils are in full bloom, as well as an abundance of buds on the trees; quite special!

I'm very excited to share that Age Concern and Volunteering Waikato have joined forces on a very exciting project called, 'Have the Talk of a Lifetime'.  If you know of anyone willing to share their story, please let me know. This is a wonderful opportunity for an older person to reminisce, reflect and to leave something of value to their families.

Best wishes

Lucy Willard
Membership and Events Coordinator

Join us in August for Music Therapy Sessions 

No experience in music necessary
Community Music Therapy
For the month of August, Shona How, NZ Registered Music Therapist is providing a free opportunity to connect with others and with music.
Music Therapy is the planned use of music to assist with the healing and personal growth of people with identified emotional, intellectual, physical or social needs.
Every person matters and every suggestion is respected.
“We enhance everybody’s quality of life through music” says Shona.
The evidence shows the more that people participate in Community Music Therapy, the better everyone feels.
We enjoyed joy and laughter on 17th July for our Community Music Therapy taster with 21 people present. Ask anyone present how enjoyable this was and they will tell you how good this activity was.
Tuesdays in August (4th, 11th, 18th and 25th)
1030 to 1130
Celebrating Age Centre
30 Victoria Street

No charge. Bring yourself and a friend
Phone 07 838 2266 with any questions
We’re removing cheques at ANZ

We’re removing cheques as a method to receive or make payments from 31 May 2021. Foreign cheques will still be able to be deposited until further notice.

We’ve put together some information to help you make the change to other more convenient and secure options. 

When is this happening?

To give you time to make the necessary arrangements for alternative options, we’re phasing the change in as following:

After 30 November 2020 new ANZ cheque books will no longer be issued.

After 31 May 2021 cheques will no longer be accepted for deposit into your ANZ account and you will not be able to use ANZ cheques as a way to make payments into other bank accounts.

What does this change mean for you?

If you use cheques to receive or make payments, you’ll need to start using alternative options before 31 May 2021. Foreign cheques will still be able to be deposited until further notice.

This change will mean that:

  1. You won’t be able to deposit a cheque into an ANZ account or use an ANZ cheque to make a deposit into other bank accounts after 31 May.
  2. You should deposit any existing cheques you receive prior to 31 May.
  3. Any cheques that you issue on or before 31 May will not be able to be deposited after 31 May.
  4. NZ will stop issuing bank cheques from 31 May, however ANZ Bank cheques issued prior to this date will be honoured, subject to the usual requirements. Read more

Family Carers Invisible Heroes Of Covid-19

When things go really wrong they are the last line of defence for the most vulnerable, but a survey of almost 700 family carers shows how invisible and unsupported these New Zealanders have been during Covid-19.

Almost half a million carers support family members who are frail, unwell, or have a long-term health condition or disability. The pandemic disrupted access to home care, respite, day programmes and other services, and family carers stepped up, providing intensive support for weeks with little outside help.

Carers NZ and the Carers Alliance of almost 50 national not for profits have shared carers’ experiences in a survey report, Caring In Lockdown: Forgotten families during Covid-19. Read more

Concerns for lonely elderly post-lockdown

Age Concern Wellington is worried that some elderly people are becoming isolated post-lockdown, with many still concerned about leaving their homes.

More than 170,000 people over the age of 65 live alone in New Zealand - 10,000 of those people are over the age of 90.

But as the country moves to some sort of normality, fears of falling ill from Covid is keeping many at home, many alone.

Checkpoint's Logan Church and cameraman Dom Thomas filed this story. Read more

Crisis puts funding resilience on agenda 
Kelvyn Eglinton, Chief Executive, Momentum Waikato
Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis people have often said to us “We should have set up an endowment fund five years ago.”
It can be difficult for an over-stretched community organisation besieged by day-to-day challenges to build its long-term resilience, to pause the urgent and focus on the important. The pandemic has however emphasised and amplified the vulnerability that comes from a dependence on contestable, application-based funding and sponsorship.
In turn, the utility and assurance of Momentum Waikato’s central mission to build a regional endowment fund, within which community entities can invest all or some of their capital reserves for secure long-term income, has become more widely apparent during the recent challenges.
As a result, since the lockdown our conversations with a range of Waikato organisations have markedly accelerated towards action, as more boards recognise that an endowment is a cornerstone of a diversified and therefore sustainable funding base. Read more


A wide range of activities take place weekly and monthly at the Celebrating Age Centre, see below and contact us on 07 838 2266 for more details:
9.30-10.15: Zumba Gold
10.00-11.30: Greypower Seminar (no charge)

9.30-10.30: Sit and Be Fit

10.00-11.00: Upright and Active
1.00-3.00: U3A French

9.30-11.00: Age Concern Connection Central

July 24 - Get your device needs sorted – Melville High Gateway students will join us for the first of five weeks to help you with your phones, computers or other electronic devices. Bring your IT problems along!

July 31 - Seniornet and Melville High Gateway students – Seniornet describe their extensive offering for older people

(Most activities have a small cost component)



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