Notice of Annual General Meeting

In accordance with the constitution of Age Concern Hamilton Inc,

Notice is hereby given of the

Annual General Meeting

Friday 25 September 2020

10:00 a.m. at the Celebrating Age Centre Hamilton




Minutes of last Annual General Meeting dated 27 September 2019 (approval sought)

Matters arising:

Performance report 2020

-          Presentation of President’s report (see below) and Executive Officers’ reports

-          Presentation of audited financial accounts (adoption sought)

Appointment of elected members to form the Council of Age Concern Hamilton

-          New members invited to present themselves

-          Confirmation of Elected Members to the Council

Amendments to the Constitution (see below)

General Business:


Guest speaker: Dame Peggy Koopman-Boyden, Age Friendly Hamilton

Attendees are invited to stay for morning tea refreshments

President’s Report (Age Concern Hamilton) September 2020

My name is Jan White  and  it is my and pleasure to present my  Annual Report on behalf of the Age Concern (Hamilton) Council for the year ending June 2020.

 In my first year as President we have faced some challenges as a country, Hamilton Age Concern Council and operationally. Together we have met them all with focus and determination and are now stronger to look to the future with some new learnings and ideas to grow and develop.

As Thomas Fuller said “all things are difficult before they are easy”

The terrific work of this organisation does not happen by accident. It is the outcome of considerable effort and commitment from many different individuals and groups who believe that the quality of life for older people in this community is of great importance. In many respects, how a community shows concern for older people is a measure of the beneficence of people across that entire community and this has been graphically shown through the Covid 19  times.  A growing proportion of seniors in our community are subject to poverty, social isolation, elder abuse and deficient housing. People throughout this agency – fellow Council members, the Executive Officer, employed  staff and the high number of volunteers – continue to combine their resources and talents to maximise positive outcomes for older people.

This Annual Report also includes details of the operations of Age Concern Hamilton by Executive Officer, Brent Nielsen.    In this Annual Report Brent reports on “core business” of this Age Concern in delivery of services  to older people in this region – the Accredited Visiting Service, the Supportive Service, Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Health Promotion , a Shopping Service and a distinctive Education Programme which is constantly evolving.  The tireless energy of all staff has enabled the maintenance of these important services, most delivered under contract. The Council appreciates the dedication and commitment of the staff and volunteers.

The strategic direction of Age Concern (Hamilton) remains the Council’s responsibility. The dictum of “Serving the needs of older people” is the foundation of our work.  Our ambition is tempered by financial realities (see separate Treasurer’s Report) through the Executive Officer we continue to seek opportunity for service and support development and alongside that funding opportunities to ensure that our services continue to evolve in a growing and changing demographic.

We are also conscious of the learnings from Covid 19 and will be undertaking a comprehensive further review of the Strategic and Risk Plans early in 2021 to ensure those learnings help guide our  thinking and long term planning to ensure that we meet the outcomes required to support older people  safely in their communities of choice.

In its governance role, members of Council are responsible to ensure the Strategic plan is reviewed and then support the Executive Officer and team to develop an operations plan which they will report against at each monthly meeting to ensure that our mission , “that we provide responsive services and support for the wellbeing of Older people in their own community’, remains forefront of all our thinking and service delivery.

We also need to ensure that risks to the organisation are identified and mitigation strategies are in place, that policies are current to legislation and reviewed.

During this year I will declare that we haven’t been able to maintain these reviews at a standard I am happy with but now have a comprehensive Council work plan developed and agreed to bring all our governance responsibilities up to date.

I assure you that at no time was the Governance responsibility or Operation of Age Concern Hamilton at risk during any of this period but I do know rumours have been rife and wanted to give you our member’s confidence that Age Concern Hamilton is in good health.

We also continue to seek relationships with like minded organisations and look forward to further developing some working partnerships .

My vision, supported by Council for this coming year for Age Concern Hamilton, is a strong commitment to further service development and therefore contracts or grants, to address the increasing impact of social isolation and loneliness on older people.

To further support the changing environment, Council have fully reviewed Age Concern Hamilton’s Constitution which you will note a remit as part of our Agenda today for discussion.

There have been changes within the Council of Age Concern (Hamilton) during this financial year.

Many of our Councillors have resigned for a plethora of reasons including moving to retirement locations, the impact of work commitments and some confidential or personal reasons.

I give my heartfelt thanks to Kathy Brazier, Graham Borland, Avi Chand, Bernadette Doube, Dee Holmes, Richard Jerram and Paul Methven,   Thank you all for your advice, ideas and support in the time that you were on Council. For 2 months we were inquorate which meant we couldn’t approve any changes or financials but did agree unanimously on key issues and recorded appropriately  ,  thus ensuring ongoing sound governance of Age Concern Hamilton during this time..

As the above indicates we have had to co-opt onto Council and welcome Cate Anderson and Rowan Anderson who are not related!!  I also thank Mhyree Oman for agreeing to be our volunteer minute secretary for Council. We have also recently entered a fee for service contract with Gillian Cross as accountant for Age Concern Hamilton. In her role she will review and discuss all financials with the Executive Officer and President and report monthly to Council.

Operationally our services continue to work collaboratively with many organisations which Brent will outline in his report.

During this year Thames Age Concern advised they were exiting the Elder Abuse Contract in June at it’s end. Council supported and approved that our EO retains that service contract for Thames out of our Hamilton team and we were fortunate that the two key workers transferred to Hamilton employment.

I especially want to acknowledge all of our staff led by Brent, for the huge amount of planning and work they all undertook during Covid 19 shut down. They supported not only people accessing contracted services but also our volunteers, members and anyone else that made contact. They all worked tirelessly from their own homes with minimal physical contact unless absolutely necessary.

I acknowledge and thank them all for their on going wonderful work they all undertake on our behalf supporting the population we are focussed on Older People. Thanks especially to Brent for his ongoing hard work in the role of Executive Officer. Whilst there have been some challenges and stresses Brent has always strived to give his best and work with Council to achieve outcomes.

I also wish to acknowledge that there have been some staff changes which Brent will address in his report.

In particular I want to thank Jenni Hawker and Anne Clarke for their many years of service to Age Concern and wish them well on their new retirement pathways.

Thank you also to our huge team of volunteers, without you we could not function as well as we do.

Thank you to you our members for your support.

Finally, thank you to the current Council and especially Peter Oettli and Brian Findsen two long term members of Age Concern Council who have been huge support to me personally over this challenging year with their sage advice and profound knowledge.

 “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety” (Abraham Maslow)

We look forward to an exciting and innovative year with new and extended support opportunities  for  our older People.


Age Concern Hamilton

Annual General Meeting, 25 September 2020

Proposed Changes to the Age Concern Hamilton Constitution

The Council of Age Concern Hamilton is recommending the revised Constitution that is available for inspection at the meeting. It contains the following changes:

1)     Some clauses have been deleted because the matters they referred to are covered in other clauses or in other parts of the Constitution. In most cases this is simply to ensure consistency, clarity and conciseness.

2)     Some wording has been tidied up, again to ensure clarity rather than change the intention of the clauses.

3)     The two major changes are:

a)     The term ‘Council’ has been replaced with ‘Board’. While ‘Council’ has been used since the founding of the organisation, it is often mistaken by outsiders for the Hamilton City Council, while ‘Board’ better reflects the purpose and function of the governing body of Age Concern Hamilton.

b)     The number of persons on the Board has been reduced from 12 to a maximum of seven and a minimum of five (Clause 8.1.3), with corresponding alterations to the quorum rules (Clause 10.4). The rationale is that a smaller governing body is more efficient. While it places more responsibility on individual members, it also increases active participation and accountability.

As required by both the old and the proposed new Constitution, the Council has discussed the changes and agreed unanimously with them, subject to ratification by the Annual General Meeting. It recommends the adoption of the revised Constitution.