And this is how our holiday began!

Kia ora and welcome to this edition of The Old Times. After an absolutely fabulous three weeks away exploring the South Island, it is great to be back connecting with you again. Kaikoura had to be my most favourite spot, followed by Cromwell, Abel Tasman and Christchurch; I count my blessings daily to be living in such a beautiful country!

Our 'Chinwag Cafe' is being launched on Monday 19th October at the Celebrating Age Centre. Feel free to bring a friend, neighbour or family member and drop in between 10.30am - 11.30am every Monday (except Labour weekend) for a cuppa, a natter and the opportunity to mix and mingle; there is no cost. We'll look forward to seeing you. 

Best wishes

Lucy Willard
Visiting Service Coordinator

'We just clicked' - Intergenerational friendship defies Covid-19 lockdown isolation
When Covid-19 Alert Level 4 first began in New Zealand, many people found themselves isolated from friends and family.  

But when 80-year-old Sharon met 23-year-old Maddi, a rather special intergenerational friendship began.

Their story started over lockdown, when Sharon signed up to the Student Volunteer Army's grocery delivery service, and Maddi arrived with the shopping.

The pair hit it off, chatting from afar before lockdown lifted and cups of tea were on the cards.

Now the groceries no longer need delivering, but Maddi still shows up to visit.

On how they became friends, Sharon says they "just clicked" and Maddi's visits were "very important". Read more

Spark  will no longer be accepting cheques from 30 November
While Spark understands it still has a small number of customers
who prefer to pay by cheque, the use of cheques for Spark
payments has declined 32% each year since 2018, and now
fewer than 1% of their customers are using  them. Additionally,
all of New Zealand’s major banks have announced they will stop
processing them soon, so they’re helping their customers
transition to alternative ways paying their Spark bill. 
Spark is encouraging any customers with concerns to reach out
to their helpdesk on 123 where their customer agents have
been well-prepared, and for any of their customers who are
particularly overwhelmed, they are letting them know that support
is available through Age Concern and other organisations.
Let's End Loneliness

The New Zealand Coalition to End Loneliness was set up by these 7 founding organisations who all work in different ways to bring people together, and to reach and support people who are feeling lonely and isolated:

We formed the Coalition in 2018, because we know that solving a social problem like loneliness can’t be done by one organisation alone. We are committed to working together to tackle loneliness and create communities in which New Zealanders have the relationships and support that they need to thrive. The Coalition aims to:

  • Grow understanding of loneliness and make it easier to talk about.
  • Provide clear information about what we can all do to tackle loneliness.
  • Advocate together to prompt action on loneliness at government level.  Read more
We Sprang Grandma from the Care Home

The decision to place an elderly relative in a care home is a difficult one at the best of times, but the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions on visiting make it even harder. For one family it seemed like the best solution before the virus arrived - but early last month they reversed their decision and brought 95-year-old Rita home.

It's late on a Saturday night, and a private ambulance pulls up outside a care home in Norwich. Rita Perrott, a frail 95-year-old, is helped out of the home in a wheelchair.

"Grandma!" shouts her granddaughter, Anna, delightedly. They give each other a long hug and a kiss. It's the first time in months such normal physical contact has been possible.

Anna appears almost giddy with the audacity of what they're doing.

"We've stolen grandma!" she proclaims.

"A kidnap?" Rita asks, playing along with the joke.

"It's a heist!" says Anna. "We've come late at night to steal grandma back!"

"I think they noticed," observes Ethan, one of the ambulance crew. The care home, of course, has agreed for her to be discharged. Read more

Disability Advocates Say Energy Payments Must Continue

Winter Energy Payments for people receiving income support end 01 October. The NZ Disability Advisory Trust is joining NGOs across the country calling for the payments to continue.

Spokespeople for the Trust Madeline Wenmoth and Nicholas Stoneman, say the energy payments must become year round in order to prevent beneficiaries being pushed deeper into poverty.

“Along with hundreds of thousands of other people who need government support, we are both facing the loss of the extra $41 a week from today,” says Stoneman.

Support Living Payment recipient, Stoneman points to the recent statistic provided by Carmel Sepuloni that shows “...51% of those on benefit have a disability or health condition or are caring for someone with a disability or health condition.” Read more

Access Community Health And Heartland Bank Join Forces To Enable Ageing Kiwis To Keep Independence

A new initiative between Access Community Health and Heartland Bank has launched, designed to enable New Zealand’s ageing population to remain living independently and comfortably in their own homes and communities for longer.

The collaboration has been established on the back of a desire from New Zealand’s over-60 age group to ‘age in place’, where seniors choose to remain living in their homes and communities. The initiative offers eligible homeowners the option to use a portion of the equity in their properties to fund in-home care and support through Access Community Health.

Alison van Wyk, CEO of Access Community Health, says this initiative will help enable those who require additional dedicated care and support to take control of their own health and make the right choices around the type of in-home care they want to receive, and be able to pay for it. Read more 


A wide range of activities take place weekly and monthly at the Celebrating Age Centre, see below and contact us on 07 838 2266 for more details:
9.30-10.15: Zumba Gold
10.00-11.30: Greypower Seminar (no charge)
10.30 -11.30: Chinwag Cafe (no charge)

9.30-10.30: Sit and Be Fit

10.00-11.00: Upright and Active
1.00-3.00: U3A French

9.30-11.00: Age Concern Connection Central

Oct 16 - Hamilton Central Business Association - Vanessa Williams - Life after Covid-19
Oct 23 - Springtime Food Treats
Oct 30 - Age Friendly Hamilton Update
(Most activities have a small cost component)


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