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About "Loneliness"

Feeling lonely is something that most of us will experience during our lives, either briefly or for a longer time. Loneliness is painful and distressing, and it happens when we feel that we don’t have enough relationships, or when the relationships that we do have are not meeting our emotional needs.

Loneliness happens to a lot of us

In New Zealand 16.5% of people over 15 feel lonely at least some of the time. Loneliness can be the result of life changes like bereavement, moving to a new area, or losing a job, or it can be due to other things that make us vulnerable.

Let's End Loneliness

The New Zealand Coalition to End Loneliness was set up by these 7 founding organisations who all work in different ways to bring people together, and to reach and support people who are feeling lonely and isolated:
     • Age Concern New Zealand
     • Alzheimers New Zealand
     • Carers New Zealand
     • RNZRSA
     • Salvation Army
     • St John New Zealand
     • Student Volunteer Army

We formed the Coalition in 2018, because we know that solving a social problem like loneliness can’t be done by one organisation alone. We are committed to working together to tackle loneliness and create communities in which New Zealanders have the relationships and support that they need to thrive. The Coalition aims to:
     • Grow understanding of loneliness and make it easier to talk about.
     • Provide clear information about what we can all do to tackle loneliness.
     • Advocate together to prompt action on loneliness at government level.

This Lets End Loneliness website is part of this plan. We encourage you to explore the site to learn about:
     • What we can all do about loneliness for ourselves, in our whanau and communities, and in our workplaces.
     • Research about loneliness, and about what works to address it.
     • What we’re saying to government.
     • How you can get involved.

Together we can end loneliness one person, one community, one workplace at a time.