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Kia ora and welcome to this edition of The Old Times. I consider myself extremely blessed to have managed to get up North as planned, give my sister an overdue hug, and to experience the white sand and azure waters of Karikari Beach; this must be one of New Zealand's best kept secrets!

With the start of autumn, the din of cicadas outside my office window makes me feel optimistic that summer has not bid her farewells just yet. May the sun shine for you during these uncertain times; take care. 

Warmest regards

Lucy Willard
Leader Volunteer Services


A wide range of activities take place weekly and monthly at the Celebrating Age Centre, see below and contact us on 07 838 2266 for more details:
9.30-10.15: Zumba Gold
10.00-11.30: Greypower Seminar (no charge)

9.30-10.30: Sit and Be Fit

10.00 - 12.00pm - Craft and Conversation 
13.00 - 15.00 - Mindful Cafe 
(An opportunity for people with mental health conditions and/or disabilities to share their creative skills and socialise)

10.00-11.00: Upright and Active

9.30-11.00: Age Concern Connection Central

March 5 - The e-bike Revolution
March 12 - Life Without Cheques - Banking Update
March 19 - Job Talk - Life of a Train Driver
March 26 - Hamilton City Council - Long Term Plan

April 9 - Hamilton's treasure - our awa
April 16 - Job Talk - a Pilot's View
April 23 - Top Up - your knowledge on your communication device
April 30 - Phones, tablets and laptops

(Most activities have a small cost component)

Age concerns everyone

Age Concern New Zealand believes everyone deserves a great future.

We support older kiwis to have a healthy lifestyle, full of opportunities and protection from harm. But we can’t do it alone.

Age Concern New Zealand believes that everyone needs to respect the rights of older people, and that making a community or work place a great place for older people to live starts with really simple things: 

• A first easy step is to make regular contact with your own older family members but also try to stop and say hello to older people in your neighbourhood, or workplace. 

• Getting together. Older people have a lot of knowledge and experience. Asking about their memories, or seeking advice is a way of acknowledging this, and showing respect. 

• Get involved in the community or by volunteering.

Knowing who lives in the nearby vicinity and what is happening, helps everyone, including older people, to feel safer and to be more connected. Read more

Not the retiring type: Meet the older Kiwis still working past their 80s 

At 84, Michael Benns works six days a week as a real estate agent, 90-year-old Rei​ Te Teira-Ngatai​ is an admin support worker, while Larry Webb​, 85, has no plans just yet to give up his job as a driving instructor.

All three say working keeps them young, and the word “retirement” is not in their vocabulary.

They are three of just 5800 New Zealanders over the age of 80 still working, with 1600 of those working full-time, according to 2020 Stats NZ figures.

Nothing seems to slow them down: Benns, a former air force fighter pilot, came out of retirement at 55 to be a full-time real estate agent in Auckland, after managing several investment companies. Read more

18 Good Dogs for Seniors Who Want or Need a Furry Companion

Choosing good dogs, for seniors or anyone else, can be a fun and enriching process. But it starts with assessing the needs and wants of a prospective owner (which might be you or a loved one). After all, everyone has a unique set of preferences, so the kind of dog that makes the best pet will vary from one older adult to another. Some seniors gravitate toward smaller dogs that can cuddle in a lap, while other prefer larger dogs that can romp around and play fetch. Ultimately, any breed of dog is good for older people if it meshes with their abilities, likes, and lifestyles.

This article will help you figure out what factors you need to consider in your search for the perfect canine companion. You'll also read about 18 specific breeds that are among the best dogs for seniors, including a range of both small dogs and large dogs. You'll explore the uses of (and distinctions between) therapy, support, and service dogs. And you'll learn about the emerging trend of robot pets.

So keep reading. The information may just help you achieve greater vitality. After all, it's well established that dog ownership can lower people's stress and blood pressure levels. Having a dog is a great way to get some exercise, socialize with others in your community, and enjoy the benefits of companionship. Many seniors also thrive on the experience of nurturing and caring for another living being. Read more

Ryman Teams Up With Hill Laboratories To Fast Track COVID-19 Testing

Saliva testing under way to protect residents and team members

Ryman Healthcare and Hill Laboratories have teamed up to introduce fast-track COVID-19 saliva tests at Ryman villages.

Ryman, New Zealand’s largest retirement village and aged care operator, has contracted Hill to carry out saliva tests to offer an extra reassurance following the recent emergence of community cases of COVID-19 in Auckland.

Staff at Ryman’s Auckland villages are completing the saliva tests.

Ryman Healthcare Chief Operations Officer Cheyne Chalmers said the Hill tests were an exciting new development in the campaign to keep Ryman’s villages free of COVID-19.

“Being able to test staff quickly, accurately and efficiently is an important extra safeguard for us. Read more

Ageing population to become one of the biggest drivers of New Zealand's housing crisis, report finds

New Zealand's ageing population will be one of the biggest drivers of the housing crisis in decades to come if nothing is done to dramatically increase supply, a new report has found.

The Need to Build: The demographic drivers of housing demand, published on Tuesday by think-tank The New Zealand Initiative, outlines how as the population ages, the average number of people living in each household shrinks. 

Fewer people per house means more housing is needed even without immigration or other increases to the population - a fact "rarely discussed in the public sphere", according to report author Leonard Hong. 

"In the long-run, this is bound to get worse - this is just the tip of the iceberg," he told The AM Show on Tuesday. "Population ageing is going to increase housing demand more than we thought."

New Zealand's median house price is now over $720,000, and when compared to income, ranked as 'severely unaffordable' by analysts Demographia. Read more


RECIPE: Banana Bran Muffins

The addition of mashed banana or grated apple makes these muffins very moist - recipe

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