Our Services

Age Concern Hamilton provide a wide range of services to the community across the Waikato.

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Accredited Visiting Service

Education/Lifelong Learning

Elder Abuse & Neglect Prevention

Supportive Services

Health Promotion


Shopping Service

Training Courses

Age Concern Hamilton also produces a quarterly newsletter which can be downloaded.

What We Do

Age Concern in your Community

Age Concern Hamilton is your first port of call when you and your family/whānau need: information, advice, referral or support services.

We know what the local community can offer and we can help you make the links.  We can advise of activities that can help you meet people and stay connected.

We can tell you what’s happening in the community centre; how to get home support; where your nearest Tai Chi class is; how to get discounted taxi vouchers.

And we go further: we can provide personal support and advocacy to help you with a range of issues.

We have staff trained to deal with elder abuse and others who provide services for seniors who are socially isolated.


Age Concern Hamilton is here to serve your needs.


Age Concern Hamilton Board

Jenny Magee - President

Claire van der Most - Vice President

Peter Oettli

Cate Anderson

Annual Reports:


Download a copy of the 2016 Annual Report  



Use these links to download a copy of the Annual ReportPresident's Report and/or Treasurer and Executive Officer Reports for 2017.



Use these links to download a copy of the Executive Officer's Report, President's Report and/or Treasurer Report and Financial Statements for 2018.

Visit the Charities Commission website http://www.charities.govt.nz Regn # CC21730



Visit the Charities Commission website http://www.charities.govt.nz Regn # CC21730

Download a copy of the 2016 Annual Report with Auditor's Report 

Download a copy of the 2016 Annual Report with Auditor's Report