Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Service

A free confidential service to provide support, information and advice to older people, their families and care-givers on issues of elder abuse and neglect.  If you have concerns about the way you are being treated, how your money is being spent, the quality of your care or how your property is being used, contact Age Concern.

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What is Elder Abuse and Neglect?

Elder Abuse occurs when a person aged 65 or more experiences harmful physical, psychological, sexual, material/financial or social effects caused by the behaviour of another person with whom they have a relationship implying trust.  

The older person and the abuser are people who know each other well.  Statistics from services in New Zealand show that the majority of abusers are members of the kaumatua/older person’s family/whanau (partners, sons, daughters, in laws, siblings, grandchildren).  Other abusers include people employed in positions of trust – residential facility staff or paid carers.

Elder Abuse can mean

PHYSICAL – Infliction of physical pain, injury or force - eg: being hit, slapped, tied in a chair.

– Behaviour including verbal abuse which causes mental anguish, stress and fear - eg: called names, blackmailed, 'mind games'.

– Sexually abusive and exploitative behaviours involving threats, force or the inability to give consent.

– Illegal or improper exploitation and/or use of funds or other resources - eg: having money or possessions taken off you.

Elder Neglect

Neglect occurs as a result of another person failing to meet the physical and emotional needs of an older person/kaumatua.

ACTIVE NEGLECT is conscious and intentional deprivation.

is the result of the carer's inadequate knowledge, infirmity or lack of trust in prescribed services.



Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)

This excellent booklet produced by Age Concern New Zealand has a wealth of information regarding an Enduring Power of Attorney.

It is a must-read document if you are planning ahead and considering an EPOA. It is also an informative read if you have an EPA.

It can be downloaded from www.ageconcern.org.nz or you can request a copy from our office.

It is also available in Te Reo Maaori and Chinese (simplified and traditional).


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