Health Promotion

Heart FoodWe deliver a range of courses on health and well-being directly to older people.  These are fun, sociable and usually interactive courses where you learn to take control of you own health and well-being needs.


Eat Well/Live Well

Do any of these statements apply to you?.

  • You are sick of cooking the same meals every week and want to tempt your taste buds with new ideas
  • You want to understand more about how your nutritional needs change as you become older
  • You would like information on kitchen equipment to make meal preparation easier
  • You have found yourself preparing food regularly for the first time
  • You would like easier and cost efficient ways of cooking for one

If so, join us on one of our nutrition and wellness courses for older adults. 


Eat Well/Live Well 

Courses are held throughout the Waikato.  They will be advertised in your local magazine and/or newspaper. You can also contact us to find out when the next course will be in your town.

Eat Well/Move Well 

The content of this course is similar to Eat Well, Live Well and it is delivered once annually in Hamilton. 

 To contact our Health Promoter and find out which course is best for you:


Phone  (07)  838 2266 or 282 1095


Steady As You Go

Contact us to find out about the Steady As You Go strength and balance classes that we are rolling out around the Waikato.

Men's Health


The brochure "Men's Health-Ignoring It Won't Make It Better" is available to be downloaded as a pdf.