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Past issues of Older and Bolder can be accessed online via the links below. 

A variety of key issues are discussed, with current topics, news, views and events and up to date information specific for older people.



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Older and Bolder Winter 2018Download 0
Autumn 2018DownloadPublished April 2018129
Summer 2018DownloadPublished 1 February 2018139
Spring 2017DownloadPublished 19 October 2017118
Winter 2017DownloadPublished 20 July 2017133
Autumn 2017DownloadPublished 20 April 2017268
Summer 2017DownloadPublished 9 February 2017329
Winter 2016DownloadPublished August 2016349
Autumn 2016DownloadPublished 6 May 2016340
Summer 2016DownloadPublished 14 January 2016508
Winter 2015Download1st edition published by the Waikato Times. 529
Autumn 2015DownloadPublished 22/4/151419
Summer 2015DownloadPublished 28 January 20151438
Spring 2014DownloadPublished November 2014 Late upload due to file error sorry.1452
Winter 2014DownloadPublished end of July2023
Autumn 2014DownloadNewsletter published 24 April 20142555
Summer 2014DownloadNewsletter published Feb 2014 PS Sorry for late posting again!2420
Spring 2013 NewsletterDownloadPublished 24 September. Sorry for late posting on site.2510
Winter 2013 DownloadNewsletter Published 11 July1586
Autumn 2013DownloadNewsletter printed April 20134131
SUMMER 2013DownloadNewsletter published Feb 20131767
Summer 2012DownloadNewsletter published November 2012.3426
Spring Newsletter - online editionDownload 2556
Winter EditionDownloadNew format of newsletter printed by Pukeko Print.1644
25th Anniversary NewsletterDownload1986-2011 Celebration of 25 years of Age Concern Hamilton.1963
Christmas 2011DownloadNovember/December 20111832
Older and BolderDownloadAugust 20112167
Older and BolderDownloadMay 20112030
Older and BolderDownloadFebruary 20112045
Older and BolderDownloadChristmas Edition 20101825



Older & Bolder is now printed by the Waikato Times. 

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