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Elder Abuse & Neglect Prevention Courses

Residential Care Facilities In-House Training courses

We offer in-house training for residential care facilities. Contact us for the latest Training Calendar. 


There are eight different topics:

·         It’s About Respect

·         Ageing Process

·         What is Elder Abuse

·         Elder Abuse & Neglect in Care Facilities

·         Challenging Situations

·         Caring & Stress

·         Intimacy, Sexuality and the Older Person

·         Communicating with the Older Person


Contact us if you would like us to pay a visit to your organisation. 

Through Others' Eyes (TOE)

Through Others EyesThrough Other Eyes is a training programme which simulates the effects of ageing so that the participants can experience the challenges that some older people face in their daily lives.

A half day workshop allows participants to -

  • experience the ageing process first hand so they can enhance their awareness towards others
  • learn to identify and understand the physical and mental barriers that make it difficult for some older adults and people with disabilities to access everyday services and products
  • gain insights in how to change your physical environments and design products for better customer service and improve accessibility

The programme was developed by the Ontario Government in 1988 and since then has benefited a wide range of companies and agencies throughout the world.

Through Other Eyes is for -

  • People working with older people
  • Students of Health Studies
  • City Council personnel
  • Government Departments
  • Resthome and Retirement Village staff and designers
  • Businesses and shops
  • Customer service staff

If you or your organisation would like to participate in the Through Other Eyes programme, contact us.




Elder Abuse & Neglect Prevention In-House Courses 

Through Others eyes training


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